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Who has not lost someone who they loved deeply?
Perhaps it was a parent, grandparent, sibling, son or daughter. Perhaps it was an expected death or an unexpected one? A tragic end to an otherwise peaceful life?

Whatever the story may be, this website is an opportunity to tell their story. Let the rest of the world know how great your loved one was with pictures and words.

Most of us do not enjoy world wide popularity or recognition, but with Loved Ones Remembered your loved ones, are in a real sense going down in history, forever. Not only in their local community, but world wide “Forever In Time”.

Long after your loved one is gone, millions of people will have access to read about our loved ones, how they lived, how they died, who they were, however you wish to have your loved one remembered, tell their story.

Tell your story about your friend who struggled with addiction, but lost in the end. You could save someone else who reads the story which will add meaning to a lost life.

There is no charge for this service, no hidden fees or agendas. It is our desire to provide everyone with the opportunity to share their story of Loved Ones with the world.

Don Calhoun
Tammy Maxon

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